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Improving Your Backhand in Squash

If you're a bit weaker on your backhand side in squash, how do you get better? Here is one quick drill for improving that side of your squash game.

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Squash PAR Scoring - Is Point-A-Rally (PAR) the Death of Squash?

Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring has its advocates and detractors in the squash community. Here are the pros and cons of the PAR scoring system in squash.

Before You Give a Christmas or Hannukah Present to Your Squash Player

Here's how to bring seasonal cheer to your squash player! Eight great squash gift ideas sure to make your squash player happy to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or the New Year.

Practice Squash and Always Have a Good Squash Practice Session

A good squash practice session is of great value in improving the level of your squash play. Practice sessions can be even more valuable than playing competitive matches. Here is how to design, and then enjoy a good squash practice session, every time.

How to Cover a Boast in Squash (How to Get a Short Ball)

Being able to retrieve the ball when your opponent hits it short is very important in squash. Here's how to cover that boast, and punish your opponent for hitting short.

Deal With a Tough Loss in Squash

Every squash player experiences it: the tough loss. It's either a lopsided match that you lose 3-0, very quickly, while the other player dominates, or it's the even more heartbreaking defeat where you lose 8-10 in the fifth game after more than an hour of hard squash competition. In either case, the loss hurts a lot. Here's how to deal with it, rise above it, and learn to play better squash.

Top Ten Examples of Misbehavior by a Squash Player

Here's how you can remain a good competitor by avoiding these examples of misbehavior in squash and by following good squash etiquette.

How to Win a Quick Point in Any Squash Match - Vary the Serve

Sometimes in a long, hard squash match, you just need to get one more point on the score board to break your opponent's spirit and start a series of several winning points. Here's how you can score that one quick point, by varying your serve.

Never Give Up - Top Ten Reasons to Never Give Up in Squash

You should never give up in a squash match because the tide may turn in your favor. Here are the top ten reasons you should never give up until the very last bounce of the squash ball.

The Sport of Squash - Forehand Ball Control in the Sport of Squash

This forehand ball control drill is designed to introduce new players to the sport of squash, familiarize them with the bounce of the squash ball, and prepare them for enjoying the very active sport of squash.

Intermediate Squash - Roll Corner Drill for the Intermediate Squash Player

Intermediate squash players need to learn quite a few shots. A good one to use on occasion is the roll corner. This roll corner drill can work for squash beginners, but it is best for intermediate squash players who want to practice quick racquet preparation and learn how to put spin on the ball for maximum effectiveness.

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