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All About Olympic Badminton

The Extreme Version of Your Backyard Badminton Game


All About Olympic Badminton

Mi Zhou (Hong Kong)

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
There is an intense, extremely competitive version of badminton played throughout the world, and especially throughout Asia. It is as different from backyard badminton as it could be. The players are among the most elite, well-conditioned athletes in the world, vying for supremacy in an incredibly demanding sport - in fact, the fastest racquet sport in the world.

These aspiring badminton champions begin their training as young children. They devote their lives to badminton excellence. They arrange financial support and seek the very best coaching. And, finally, if successful, they get to represent their country in Olympic badminton.

This is definitely not your backyard badminton, and it's no picnic!

About Olympic Badminton: The rules are different, the courts are perfect, the birdies aren't made of plastic, and there are linesmen and umpires. Learn about the Olympic level of badminton competition! Olympic Badminton History: Since it was introduced for medal play in 1992, only a few countries have truly excelled in Olympic badminton. The USA has not been a powerhouse, but our hosts in Beijing for 2008 have great prospects. (The US actually has more Olympic badminton controversies than it does medals!) Action Image Gallery: Here are some amazing images of top-flight badminton athletes at full stretch, full power, full focus, and in full defeat or victory. The Badminton Athletes
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