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Learn the Rules of Racquetball

How to Avoid Making Up Your Own Rules


When you begin a new sport, you can learn by doing, or learn by studying, or both. To get a solid understanding of the rules of racquetball, you will probably have to do some studying.

USA Racquetball has codified the official rules of racquetball, for both singles and doubles play, and even for variants such as three-player racquetball, wheelchair racquetball and outdoor racquetball. Read all the rules and you'll learn the requirements for hitting good serves; winning rallies, games and matches; not hindering your opponents shots; and avoiding technical fouls. By studying a bit, you can become aware of your ability to take timeouts during play, something you might not have known about otherwise.

In addition to the rules of play, USA Racquetball maintains an approved eyeguard list, along with official specifications for racquetball court construction.

Study up, learn the terminology, play safely, and enjoy your game!
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