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Play Squash

Here's how to get started in squash, how to improve, how to compete, and how to have fun. You'll also learn drills and competitive insights useful for intermediate and advanced squash players and coaches.

Give a Christmas or Hannukah Present to Your Squash Player
Here's how to bring seasonal cheer to your squash player! Eight great squash gift ideas sure to make your squash player happy to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or the New Year.

Squash PAR Scoring - Is Point-A-Rally (PAR) the Death of Squash?
Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring has its advocates and detractors in the squash community. Here are the pros and cons of the PAR scoring system in squash.

Practice Squash and Always Have a Good Squash Practice Session
A good squash practice session is of great value in improving the level of your squash play. Practice sessions can be even more valuable than playing competitive matches. Here is how to design, and then enjoy a good squash practice session, every time.

How to Cover a Boast in Squash (How to Get a Short Ball)
Being able to retrieve the ball when your opponent hits it short is very important in squash. Here's how to cover that boast, and punish your opponent for hitting short.

How to Win a Quick Point in Any Squash Match - Vary the Serve
Sometimes in a long, hard squash match, you just need to get one more point on the score board to break your opponent's spirit and start a series of several winning points. Here's how you can score that one quick point, by varying your serve.

Never Give Up - Top Ten Reasons to Never Give Up in Squash
You should never give up in a squash match because the tide may turn in your favor. Here are the top ten reasons you should never give up until the very last bounce of the squash ball.

The Sport of Squash - Forehand Ball Control in the Sport of Squash
This forehand ball control drill is designed to introduce new players to the sport of squash, familiarize them with the bounce of the squash ball, and prepare them for enjoying the very active sport of squash.

Intermediate Squash - Roll Corner Drill for the Intermediate Squash Player
Intermediate squash players need to learn quite a few shots. A good one to use on occasion is the roll corner. This roll corner drill can work for squash beginners, but it is best for intermediate squash players who want to practice quick racquet preparation and learn how to put spin on the ball for maximum effectiveness.

Intermediate Squash - Ball Control for the Intermediate Squash Player
This ball control drill for the intermediate squash player requires control that is well beyond what most squash beginners can demonstrate. For intermediates, it offers a way to hone your ability to control the squash ball, know where your racquet face, and always watch the ball.

Beginner Squash - A Ball Control Drill for the Squash Beginner
Beginner squash starts with getting control of the racquet and the ball. This simple ball control drill is a great starting point for the squash beginner.

Squash Drill - The Alternating Drives Drill for Power Squash
This squash drill features alternating forehand and backhand drives, hit with full power. It's a great drill to practice hitting with power and control. The repetitive nature of the drill can help you improve your backswing and your follow-through, on both sides.

Where to Find a Good Squash Charity
In the US, squash charity begins at home. Nine cities have their own programs offering academic enrichment and squash training to youths who might otherwise not be introduced to the game.

How Not to Hold Your Squash Racquet
There is a right way to hold your squash racquet, and several wrong ways. Here are some of the more common wrong ways to hold your squash racquet. These squash grips lead to loss of control and precision.

Squash Grip - Keys to an Effective Squash Grip
Squash is a very fast game, and it demands precision and power in your shot-making. Here's your most effective squash grip for meeting those demands of the sport.

Squash Gear - Big Names in Squash Gear, Squash Racquets, Squash Shoes
If you're just starting squash and need some equipment, here are some company names you'll come across. All of these companies make good squash gear, and can help you get started with good equipment.

Squash Volley - The Criss-Cross Squash Volley Drill - Front View
This squash volley drill, as viewed from the front, highlights how watching the ball is essential to hitting a good squash volley. Here are the steps to practicing your volley all by yourself on the squash court.

Squash Volley - The Criss-Cross Squash Volley Drill - Back View
The criss-cross squash volley drill is a great way to practice on your own. You can improve your squash volleys all by yourself, and practice good footwork and good swing technique.

Squash Practice - Criss-Cross Groundstrokes Make Good Squash Practice
This squash practice drill can help you groove in your forehand and backhand groundstrokes. Solo squash practice like this is essential if you want to play your best during competition. Here's the sequence for productive squash practice, as viewed from the front of the court.

How to Play Squash - The Criss-Cross Drill for Learning How to Play Squash
To learn how to play squash, you'll need to practice using drills. This criss-cross groundstroke drill can give you lots of forehand and backhand practice even without a partner.

Squash Forehand Volley Drill - Mastering the Squash Forehand Volley Drill
The squash forehand volley drill gives you the tools you need to perfect your forehand volley, hit your volleys close to the side wall, and hit with control.

Backhand Volley Drill - The Squash Solo Backhand Volley Drill
Ten easy steps to learning how to hit a good backhand volley in squash. You don't even need a partner to practice your backhand volley.

Backhand Short Rails Drill - How to Hit Perfect Backhand Short Rails in Squash
Here is a drill to help you perfect your backhand short rail shot in squash. This solo drill will help you learn to hit the ball along the side wall, using a well-controlled backhand stroke.

Forehand Short Rail Drill - How to Practice Your Forehand Short Rail in Squash
Here's how to perfect your forehand shot along the wall in squash. The forehand short rail drill will help you practice a perfect forehand, and will give you lots of repetitions so you can hit a perfect forehand shot without even thinking. Your shots will be so close to the side wall that they will frustrate your opponents.

The Case for Olympic Squash
The case for Olympic squash is sound, and squash should be included in the Olympics. Here are the reasons why squash should be in the Olympics, and some history of the World Squash Federation's campaign for Olympic squash.

Squash Backhand Rail Drill - Advanced Version
The advanced version of the backhand rail drill in squash requires hitting the ball after it bounces off of the back wall. This is a very demanding and realistic drill that can hone your backhand drives to razor sharpness. Here is how to perform this drill step by step.

Squash Rail Drill - Complete the Drill
Here's the rest of the squash rail drill - a sequence of forehand rails that can last a few shots or a few hundred. Practice this drill by yourself until you can hit a perfect forehand every time, with pace and with control.

Squash Rail Drill - How to Start the Squash Rail Drill
The squash rail drill is a very important part of effective solo practice in squash. Here's how to start the drill well so that you can practice your forehand straight drives, also known as 'rails'.

Practicing the Backhand Rail Drill
Perfecting your backhand straight drive is very important in squash. Here is the best way to practice this shot. This backhand rail drill can teach you to hit a perfect backhand every time, and help you groove it into your muscles so that it is instinctive.

Squash Serve - How to Hit a Backhand Squash Serve
The backhand squash serve has some advantages over the regular forehand serve, at least from one side of the court. Here's how to hit a backhand squash serve to best effect.

Squash Serve - How to Hit a Good Squash Serve
A good squash serve is a valuable weapon to get you into each point, and give you control of the initial exchange. Here's how to hit a good serve in squash every time.

A Profile of Squash
Here are the key attributes of the sport of squash. This short profile quickly gives you a sense of the sport of squash, its prevalence around the world, and its complexity and history.

Quick Tips for Hitting a Good Serve in Squash
In squash, the serve can determine the likely outcome for a point, so it's important to hit a good one. Here are tips for making the most of your opportunity to serve.

Quick Tips for Hitting a Good Serve Return in Squash
Here are three key ideas that can help you return serve effectively in squash. Implement these ideas and you'll be ready to battle for control of the squash court.

How to Hit a Good Serve Return in Squash
Step by step, here's all you need to know to deal with your opponent's toughest serves and quickly put him or her on the defensive. At the very least, you'll be back in the point, and on an even footing. You'll probably even be on the 'T', ready to dominate the point!

Squash Tips - How to Get Better at Squash
Squash tips for beginning and intermediate players about how to improve their squash games most rapidly.

Squash Tip - How to Avoid Overhitting in Squash
This squash tip explains the perils of overhitting, what overhitting is, what problems it causes, why it is so frequent, and how to avoid it. This squash tip comes from hard-earned experience, and if you take it to heart, you won't have to make the common mistake of overhitting.

Think During Competition
During a hard-fought squash match, there’s really no time to analyze or reflect. You need simple, positive thoughts that you can remember even when you’re “brain-dead” and gasping for air. Here's how to focus on ten key ideas that can help you play your best.

Become a Certified Squash Referee
Refereeing a squash match can be a real challenge. Here's how to learn the rules, become the best referee you can be, and get certified as an official referee by US Squash.

Squash Glossary - Simple Definitions for Common Squash Terms and Phrases
This squash glossary explains common terms that you may hear your squash coach use. It can help you learn the language of the sport of squash, and speed your learning. Communication can be a challenge in a sport as international as squash, so a glossary is valuable.

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