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Howard Bach - USA Badminton's World Champion Contender


Howard Bach - USA Badminton's World Champion Contender

Howard Bach Serves With Focus

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The Road to Beijing:

Howard Bach, at 29, has been working towards the Beijing Olympics for a long time. He played Olympic badminton in Athens in 2004, worked hard ever since, and won't be happy this time just with the chance to compete. His road to Beijing includes a very impressive world championship in mens doubles in 2005, with Tony Gunawan, as well as the 2008 US mens doubles championship, with Bob Malaythong (with whom he'll be competing in Beijing).

A True American:

Howard is of Chinese ancestry, was born in Vietnam, has a German-looking last name, and is a native of the USA. Hailing from San Francisco's Russian Hill, Bach woke to the sound of cable cars throughout his childhood, until he attended the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado beginning in his high school years.

His Video Fame:

Bach recently starred in a sports drink video clip popularized on YouTube. Unfortunately, he portrays a badminton player competing against team USA, rather than playing himself as the true USA badminton Olympian that he is. It's an ironic, but funny video -- featuring a shuttle becoming embedded in a player's leg. May his real opponents face that power when he plays in Beijing for the USA!

The Stats:

Born: February 22, 1979
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Prior Olympics: Athens, 2004
Events Entered: Mens Doubles (Malaythong), Mixed Doubles (Lee)


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