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Who's Going to Win the Beijing Olympics Badminton Medals?

Can Anyone Stop the Chinese on Their Home Courts?


Updated May 20, 2008
The badminton competition will be very fierce, and anything can happen, as recent results will attest. The Chinese will be leveraging their home court advantage, yet they are facing experienced prior medalists who know how to train and peak for the Olympics.

If, as expected, the US earns no badminton medals in the 2008 Olympics, it will still have earned a great psychic victory in Beijing - for the first time ever, there are US entrants competing in all five of the badminton events!

Nationalist fervor aside, here are medal predictions for all badminton events at the 2008 Beijing Olympics:

  • Mens singles badminton
    GOLD: Dan Lin - China
    SILVER: Chong Wei Lee - Malaysia
    BRONZE: Chunlai Bao - China

  • Womens singles badminton
    GOLD: Xingfang Xie - China
    SILVER: Ning Zhang - China
    BRONZE: Lan Lu - China

  • Mens doubles badminton
    GOLD: Haifeng Fu & Yun Cai - China
    SILVER: Markis Kido & Handra Setiawan - Indonesia
    BRONZE: Jae Sung Jung & Yong Dae Lee - Korea

  • Womens doubles badminton
    GOLD: Wei Yang & Jiewen Zhang - China
    SILVER: Yawen Zhang & Yili Wei - China
    BRONZE: Jing Du & Yang Yu - China

  • Mixed doubles badminton
    GOLD: Nova Widianto & Liliyana Natsir - Indonesia
    SILVER: Bo Zheng & Ling Gao - China
    BRONZE: Flandy Limpele & Vita Marissa - Indonesia
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